Culture Abuse unveil never-before-released version of “Bee Kind to the Bugs”

With release date right around the corner of Culture Abuse‘s new collections album, Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?! (out this Friday, July 24th), the band have unveiled a demo version of Bay Dream’s “Bee Kind to the Bugs” recorded in Amsterdam three years ago.

The band comments, “In 2017, we flew to Europe for the first time. We were asked to play Hyde Park in London with Green Day as well Reading & Leeds Festival, but there was almost two months in between the two events. So, we decided to stay in Europe and work on what would become Bay Dream. After Hyde Park, we flew to Italy and crashed with an old friend, in a small town, and practiced on a farm.

Culture Abuse continues, “From there, we flew to Amsterdam and met Scott Goodrich and started demoing all the songs we worked on in Italy. We would wake up, drive to the practice spot, spend what little money we had on legal weed and record all day long in a cement room below ground with no windows. This version of “Bee Kind to the Bugs” was the first time it really felt like we were onto something special with the new batch of songs and I have to admit— to me, there is still something magical about this version that I don’t know if we quite captured on Bay Dream, which is why we are releasing it now along with all of the other songs on this collection. Sometimes when you are in the moment, it’s hard to take a step back and see what you are doing. And judge if it’s “good” enough. So here’s “GOOD SHIT, BAD SHIT, WHO GIVES A SHIT.” An inside look at how our art and songs came to be. We encourage everyone to be social distancing and we offer everything we’ve got to dive into and hopefully inspire and see that you can do it, too, and maybe even better.”

Listen to “Bee Kind to the Bugs” below:

Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?! encompasses the demo process of writing their records (2016’s Peach and 2018’s Bay Dream), live recordings from their many years on the road, and their history of collaborating musically with friends. Live songs recorded by fans at the shows, cover songs they’ve laid down for fun, alternate versions of previously released songs, and literally the first recordings of song ideas are all presented on this 29-song album of unreleased recordings from the Culture Abuse archive.

Photo credit: Ian Shelton
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