Cursive – Vitriola


Cursive - Vitriola (15 Passenger) 2018


The eighth album proper from Omaha, Nebraska native alt-rockers – and the first since 2006 to feature the original line-up. This is a barnstorming, inventive and urgent listen indeed. There is something in the air that seems to be drawing out the legends of the post-hardcore scene from retirement with instant classic new releases, and, much like with their peers Quicksand, Cursive have come back stronger than ever. All guns blazing and with an album that absolute demands attention. Like a sugar-addled toddler, it screams until you pay attention.

The scene needs these embattled, weathered but bare-knuckle fighting veterans. Their music is immediate, seeping emotional resonance and broken fingernailed and bloodied of nose it lunges at you teeth bared and ready to sink into your flesh. Easily up there with the best releases of the year so far – an absolute belter and no mistake. This is a band who deliver every single time just listen to “Remorse” or “It’s Gonna Hurt” and tell me you don’t believe.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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