Dark Buddha Rising – Inversum

dark buddha rising inversum cover

Dark Buddha Rising - Inversum (Neurot Recordings) 2015


The name of the band fits their sound perfectly. Dark Buddha Rising dwell deep in the darkest of the trances. Picture this guy, kind of a mysterious monk, hidden in a pitch-black dark cave, high in the mountains, going through some really profound stream of meditation, revisiting his every step, and doing it for a long, long time. Although their sound is introspective and warm, it might get one onto some very uncomfortable places at times – meaning one must be left with himself and his own demons in order to complete the crossing here. The album is a trip, a good and sometimes twisted one. The only think that gets a little weird here is that there seem to be two worlds struggling: one reminiscent of 60s/70s substance induced rock n roll psychedelia, and one other way more ancient and deep. Maybe there are some monks somewhere doing lsd and digging some Sleep, who knows.

Words by Ricardo Almeida
FOR FANS OF: Eagle Twin, Kongh, True Widow
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