Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

Dead Can Dance - Dionysus (PIAS) 2018


Dionysus is not your ordinary, run of the mill, world music record, then again the duo of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerard collectively, known as Dead Can Dance, are not your typical band. Divided in 2 acts based on Dionysus, the Greek deity of Wine, fertility and theatre among others, also known as Bacchus in Roman culture, these compositions represent a sort of celebration without restrains, as per this God’s own definition of life. Unlike similar groups like Enigma, Dead Can Dance applies electronic music to punctuate and accent their sound, never being de basis of it. Clocking at around 36 minutes, this record is chock-full of ethnic mantras, ancient instruments, percussive elements and ethereal chanting by the inimitable Lisa Gerard. In sum this might not appeal to listeners outside their sphere of connoisseurs, but for those it’s a gift from the Gods.

Words: Nuno Santos
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