Deaf Wish – Lithium Zion


Deaf Wish - Lithium Zion (Sub Pop) 2018


Lithium Zion is the fifth full-length from Melbourne band Deaf Wish and their second for Sub Pop following 2015’s Pain. Unapologetically fearless, noisy experimentalist by nature and with the raucous garage-punk energy, Deaf Wish perfectly captures the essence of bands like Sonic Youth, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu. The breakneck, invigorating Lithium Zion is a bold triumph, an effort that leaves layers of loud melodies, distorted, unabashed guitar-rock and their irritating repetitive cadence stucks on your brain for days.

Deaf Wish attraction to combine lush, controlled tension onto noisy rock and their ferocious post-punk remains fucking awesome. Deaf Wish are a band that you can still believe in, who won’t let you down, Lithium Zion is the band’s best album and one of the best rock albums of 2018. Ditto!

Words: Fausto Casais
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