Death Valley Girls release new video for “Little Things”

After releasing their new album Under the Spell of Joy via Suicide Squeeze Records last year, Los Angeles rock’n’roll band Death Valley Girls have released a new video for their track “Little Things“, directed by Kelsey Hart / The Little Ghost.

On the track, Bonnie Bloomgarden, vocalist and guitarist of Death Valley Girls, said: “We wrote ‘Little Things’ for a friend of ours who has been fighting for his life in physical pain for years. While we talked about how stinky his health and living situation was, he realized how much he still loved dreaming. We both realized if he shifted his focus to the part of his life, he loved- even if it was just when he was dreaming/daydreaming, that was perfectly ok! Focus on the little things!

Speaking about the visuals, Kelsey Hart said: “My aim for this video was to reflect the unbridled hope and joy of ‘Little Things’. Bonnie and I discuss our dreams daily, so I wanted to create a cartoonish psychedelic dreamscape that invited everyone to dance, sing, and revel in the optimism of daydreaming! In order to keep the production of this video maximally Covid-safe, I used special effects to bring Death Valley Girls together digitally. I was inspired by Teletubbies, public access TV, and Tony Oursler.

Watch the video for “Little Things” below:

Photo credit: David Fearn
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