DIIV – Is The Is Are


DIIV - Is The Is Are (Captured Tracks) 2016


Imagine if Robert Smith of The Cure and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth dated, and their romantic entanglement was to spawn a baby of music and noise – DIIV are that bastard sound baby. A throwback to the age when pop-rock meant haunting melodies with hooks that floated subconsciously from shoegaze guitars; where vocals were muttered asides to no one in particular and a single spine would repeat throughout the whole song for the rest of the verses and choruses to shimmy idly in tantric, half-baked malaise. DIIV succeed in creating dreamscape pop and shimmery, ethereal rock – a top notch collection of shoegazey, contemplative songs that make you tap your feet and bop your head along as if the eighties never ended.

Words by Andi Chamberlain
For Fans Of: Slowdive, Sonic Youth, Beach Fossils
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