Dilly Dally – Sore


Dilly Dally - Sore (Partisan Records) 2015


Sore but happy. That’s the feeling you will get after listening to Dilly Dally’s debut album. After eight years in the making, the Toronto-based band have finally released their super intense and organically awesome album. Many were the drawbacks that delayed this release, but eventually it came at the right time. Katie Monks and Liz Ball knew how to push themselves during these last years and with Benjamin Reinhartz and Jimmy Tony joining the band, it certainly created a stability in the band’s dynamic, much as in the live performances as in the studio recordings. Sore is heavy and melodic. The group blends the best of pop and noise, Monks’ voice is just a roller coaster of vulnerability and bravery. Her straightforward lyrics blend perfectly on Ball’s infectious guitar riffs with fuzzy melodies. Sore is a strong and empowering record, kind of the perfect debut album for a band that have a lot of potential.

Words by Andreia Alves
FOR FANS OF: Bully, Hole, The Pixies
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