Dylan Carlson – Conquistador


Dylan Carlson - Conquistador (Sargent House) 2018


Expansive and fucking minimalistic; that’s perhaps the best way to label Dylan Carlson’s new masterpiece, Conquistador. Earth 2 made us expect this kind of quality from Dylan’s work as he not only helped pioneer drone doom metal, but changed the classic conceptions of noise, by creating an agonizing wall of sound responsible for what drone stands for nowadays.

Recorded at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou during a weeklong break from Carlson’s solo tour of the East Coast in May 2016, Conquistadoris another imaginary western,” Carlson explains, “based on the real story of a conquistador and his Moorish servant in what was then the northernmost regions of Mexico, but is now the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Texas.”

With Conquistador, Dylan was able to reach a new level of intensity which explores new horizons. This is a multilayered and transformational piece, where Dylan’s austere and trippy guitar work will leave you breathless and lost in time.

Words: Fausto Casais
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