Earth Girls – Wanderlust


Earth Girls - Wanderlust (Grave Mistake Records) 2016


Based in Chicago, Earth Girls are a power pop band that embody everything that’s great about guitar rock in the US. Actually, Earth Girls sound is more like a 60’s pop version of The Ramones. Well, with that in mind you can expect sunny infectious tunes, some noise and an exciting balance between melodies and hooks. Wanderlust is thrillingly feral, soulful and with lyrical depth. Guitarist/vocalist Liz Panella performance is charming in any way, even when there’s some slackness in their sound we are able to find a bunch of arrangements and details that totally makes forget their raw and unpolished sound, probably that’s what makes this effort so damn good. More punk than pop, Earth Girls’ debut album is pure bubblegum punk, a short and gritty effort (21 minutes) that really makes us think about those little and minor details of life.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Tacocat, The Babies, Dilly Dally
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