Esther Joy Shares New Video “Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)”

London-based producer, singer & songwriter Esther Joy is sharing a new video for her recent single “Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)“, which was directed by Wes Stephenson & features clothing from designer Chema Diaz.

Esther created an alternate universe, which follows the story of a lifeblood (non-human), to go with her recent EP The Acid Caves Vol 1.

Watch the video below.

Speaking about the video, Esther said: “This song speaks from two perspectives – Silipur and the human she is exchanging her life with. It was important to me that this video represented both of their journeys, leaving their lives behind forever and the confusion, sadness and pure rage of depression.

I really love the visual world created by Wes Stephenson as it’s very elegant but also super aggressive. It is also not overly specific with location or style, an important part as it represents a journey through The Chaos System. It should feel neither familiar or unfamiliar, somewhere kind of uncomfortable in the middle.”

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