Everything You Need To Know About Our Brand New Issue 19 (OUT NOW)

Hey! We’re back with our brand new Issue 19 !!!

We have the pleasure of having Hellions in our cover story, another ballzy band that are pushing their own boundaries and changing the basic foundations of today’s rock music. We had a lengthy chat with guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Matt Gravolin about everything surrounding the band’s fantastic and third album – from a strange connection with Pokémon to the lyrical content that makes this album extremely important.

But our new issue is again strangely diverse, with more than 20 pages of reviews, in-depth and inspirational talks and again fully independent.

Once again we caught up with Michael Gira about Swans’ amazing new album; we went deep into 65daysofstatic amazing new challenge; we were inside Horseback’s Jenks Miller mind to fully understand their new masterpiece Dead Ringers; we spoke to Brian Cook of Russian Circles to discuss Mike Sullivan’s recovery, Bob Dylan and the art of doing whatever the fuck you want; in a frankly honest chat, we talked with Creative Adult‘s vocalist/songwriter Scott Phillips about fear, life and everything that comes in between; and we talked with Kristina Esfandiari about Miserable’s debut album. But there’s much more inside this new issue. We were lucky enough to share some precious and awesome time with Capsize, Bayside, Islander, Moose Blood, Mock OrangeField Mouse, Night School, Clique, Earth Girls and loads more…

It’s Summer, the weather is fucking awesome, the beach is calling us and we deserve some rest. We’ll be back in late September for another awesome issue. Cheers!

You can read our brand new issue below…

Photo credit: Sandra Markovic
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