Ex Hex – It’s Real

Ex Hex - It’s Real (Merge)


The shiny, jagged rock riffs of the American all-female trio Ex Hex burst from the speakers within seconds of the play button being pressed and confirm that we are indeed in the presence of ladies who like their rock’n’roll loud, lairy and full of no-fucks-given attitude… It’s just a shame the rest of the music had gotten the memo.

By no means not a bad album It’s Real is, however, a missed opportunity that proves that riffs do not a masterpiece make. The album is middle of the road at best. The vocals and lyrics are delivered with an almost tired, lethargic sigh and the whole album seems to be stuck in second gear whilst climbing a hill. The mechanics are all there, but the engine is struggling and the smell of smoke is becoming overwhelming.

I really wanted to love this album, I was prepared, ready, itching for an explosion of bombastic noisy riff-mongery that would blow my socks off – instead – I was faced with a damp squib that tried to blow the piggies house down and instead, was met with breezeblock barrier that barely registered the presence at all. A missed opportunity.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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