Exploded View – Obey

Exploded View - Obey (Sacred Bones) 2018


Exploded View is the international project of Berlin-based lyricist/vocalist Annika Henderson, and Mexico City-based multi-instrumentalists Hugo Quezada and Martin Thulin. On their sophomore full-length, Obey, the exquisite trio brings along their apocalyptical and coolly minimal trademark sound. More dreamy and consistent, Obey perfectly balances and explores several worlds and senses, but in the end it all leads to the dichotomy between the dreams we have and the reality we experience, and their several mixed outcomes. Brave and raw, Obey somehow brings something new and intriguing to their already expansive scope, but be ready for their hypnotic and intoxicating hallucinatory elements: it might be a bumpy but rewarding ride into their post-punk, krautrock and new wave soundscape.

Words: Fausto Casais
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