Eyehategod announce new LP & share new song “High Risk Trigger”

Eyehategod have announced the release of the band’s first new full-length album in seven years, A History of Nomadic Behavior, and it will be out on March 12 2021 via Century Media.

The album news arrives with a visualizer for “High Risk Trigger”, a taste of what’s to come on the 12-song album. Singer Mike IX Williams said of the songs on the album, “We’re not a political band, but it was hard not to be affected by the news from the past year. During this recording, I thought a lot about how stupid humanity has become and how America is now completely divided with these people who don’t believe in science and blindly follow liars and nonsensical ideologies. Some of those feelings may have found their way into these songs, but it is mostly subliminal.

Listen to “High Risk Trigger” below:

A History of Nomadic Behavior follows a period that saw the New Orleans based band on the road for three years, preceded by Williams suffering liver failure and a transplant. “We toured our asses off for three years and that’s where A History of Nomadic Behavior basically comes from,” adds Williams before touching on his health challenge: “Death is a part of life, it’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes you take life as it comes, other times you fight to stay alive.” The album was produced by Eyehategod, Sanford Parker (Yob, Voivod) and James Whitten (Thou, High on Fire), with mixing by Whitten. The band recorded at HighTower Recording and Hypercube studios.

A History of Nomadic Behavior artwork (by Gary Mader and Mike IX Williams) & tracklist:

01. Built Beneath the Lies
02. The Outer Banks
03. Fake What’s Yours
04. Three Black Eyes
05. Current Situation
06. High Risk Trigger
07. Anemic Robotic
08. The Day Felt Wrong
09. The Trial of Johnny Cancer
10. Smoker’s Place
11. Circle of Nerves
12. Every Thing, Every Day

Photo credit: Robb Duchemin
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