Fiddlehead share new song, “Down University”

Fiddlehead—the punk powerhouse featuring members of Have Heart, Basement, and more—are releasing their sophomore full-length, Between The Richness, on May 21st via Run For Cover Records. Today the band have shared one more early single, “Down University.

Vocalist Pat Flynn discussed the new song, saying: “This song is about how I got trapped in this Darwinian mentality where everything was approached with extreme doubt and felt like a total failure. For some reason, despite growing up in an environment that promoted the Deweyan idea of education as liberation, I came to view it as a pure means to status in some weird grief-stricken attempt to live up to some made up idea of standards I believed would help me ‘prove myself’ to my father in the wake of his passing.

Luckily, my good senses came to me and in some way I found a greater sense of connection with him in remembering his true take on human achievement and how it had nothing to do with materialistic status markers. The music spoke this whole lyrical idea for a song to me in a sort of mocking manner. A fairly upbeat, cheer-leading chant for one of the more unnecessarily down and out times in my life.”

Listen to “Down University” and watch the video for it below:

Photo credit: Mitch Wojcik
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