Fiddlehead – Springtime And Blind


Fiddlehead - Springtime And Blind (Run For Cover) 2018


Springtime and Blind is Fiddlehead’s debut album, a clash between their loud post-hardcore with pinches of 90s indie rock that helps the listener understand a scene that has lately been more exciting than ever. Influenced by the death of frontman Patrick Flynn’s late father, Springtime and Blind is an introspective and emotional effort. A glaring emotional wreck of feelings of grief, love and loss. The way Flynn looks at how his mother coped with the situation, losing her spouse, is heartbreaking and works like an emotional catharsis. Featuring vocalist Patrick Flynn and drummer Shawn Costa (both of Have Heart) and Basement guitarist Alex Henery, Fiddlehead have just delivered one of the most passionate and dynamic efforts of the year.

Words: Fausto Casais
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