Flock of Dimes shares video for “One More Hour”

Flock of Dimes (aka Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner) has shared a video for “One More Hour,” the final pre-release highlight from her second solo LP, Head of Roses, out this Friday, April 2nd worldwide on Sub Pop.

Shot in Austin, TX, the video for “One More Hour” was co-directed by Urzulka and Jenni Kaye. It’s an ode to internal conflict when reevaluating a relationship. Wasner comments: “This song is about getting lost in a fantasy– of another life, of someone else, or of a different version of yourself. And it’s about the ways in which a combination of nostalgia and longing can make imagining the past or dreaming about the future so much more appealing than whatever present reality we happen to be inhabiting.

It’s in our nature to make myths and tell stories about the events of our lives, and in doing so create a deeper meaning out of the most seemingly mundane events. But so often this interior projection can act as a distraction from presence—standing in the way of our ability to be awake to the fullness of our experience as it unfolds, making it difficult to see and appreciate the entire world of experience and sensation that’s right in front of our eyes. I’m paying attention now.”

Watch the video for “One More Hour” below:

Photo credit: Graham Tolbert
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