Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes


Frank Iero And The Patience - Parachutes (BMG/Vagrant Records) 2016


A new album, a new band name. That’s how Frank Iero approached this new effort and, actually, it makes totally sense. In 2014, his first solo album, Stomachaches, was released under the name frnkiero andthe cellabration, because the celebration was a way for Frank to kind of hide his inner struggles that he was going through. Now, with a much confident and uplifting attitude, he wants to take a step back and appreciate the moment. And with that mindset, he delivers another exceptional and strong album. Edgy and energetic, but vulnerable and honest as fuck when it needs to be, Frank and his bandmates are extraordinary on each riff, each beat and each lyric. Parachutes probably means to you an object that prevents you from smashing on the floor when you jump off a plane, but for Frank Iero is more than that, it’s his family and his art, and that’s what this album stands for. Bravo!

Words by Andreia Alves
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