Gates – Parallel Lives


Gates - Parallel Lives (Pure Noise Records) 2016


Well, let’s face it, our mindset is always focused on so many things and when we live in a big city it’s quite common to be this sort of voyeur, not in a creepy way of course. But we found the same person in the subway every single day, hear a sentence or two in conversation that somehow makes you wonder what they were talking about. It’s quite easy to imagine what their lives are like. Parallel Lives, Gates’ new effort, tackles life’s series of altering paths and it’s easy to relate to, we’re all the theme of the album. Charming and beautifully complex, Parallel Lives’ combinations of sounds reaches new heights, everything sounds bigger and every song is stylistically connected, but wildly different from each other. Stunning, honest and powerful.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Muse, Copeland, Radiohead, Foxing
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