Hanne Hukkelberg – Trust


Hanne Hukkelberg - Trust (Propeller Recordings) 2017


Ending a five-year absence, Hanne Hukkelberg returns with Trust, her fifth studio album and probably the most ambitious and exploratory effort.

Trustis a combination of personal experience and a wider observation of society and how I feel people are living their lives”, Hukkelberg says. An epic sparkle with traditional and remarkable experimental pop, but with a modern design and twist. Conceptual and brilliantly constructed, Trust is set at a time where digital is taking over, and explores in perfection the strange duality of human life in this digital era.

Our very own dystopian future in this cyber world, a reality that a few years ago was just pure sci-fi paraphernalia. Hanne Hukkelberg flirts with experimentation in Trust, easily seducing new fans with her intelligence, very own intimacy and hopeful attitude.

Words: Fausto Casais
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