Happy Accidents – Everything But Here And Now


Happy Accidents - Everything But Here And Now (Alcopop!) 2018


London band Happy Accidents enforce a courageous sound. They’re the type of act that will play on your mind, seeping in and storing their infectious music inside your fuzzy brain. Their inspiring attitude may rub off, it may tantalise and force you to become at one with them. This eloquent take on rock, is fundamentally drawn from different musical aspects, as the band know they’re redefining indie. They can become big players, peacemakers, even extraordinary if they want to be. The beautiful instrumentals intertwining perfectly with punchy vocals, and it’s surprising how well it works. Not to say the unit don’t know how to throw down immersive sounds, they do abundantly.

Everything But Here And Now is a blissful listen, an album properly connecting the dots. Wait It Out showcases the indie sound well, balanced and composed intricately, with plenty of punch and diversity. Different Views focuses on guitar wonderment and evocative wordplay. The whole sound is near enough complete.

Words: Mark McConville
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