Holygram – Modern Cults

Holygram - Modern Cults (Oblivion)


In recent years we have witnessed a resurgence of the post-punk, gothic rock aesthetics, which permeated the radio waves in the early80’s bands like Ach Code, This Cold Night, O.Children, Whispering Sons, She Past Away just to name a few. Like any other revivalist movement, there comes a time when things seem to stagnate in terms of trend and inspiration. There are so many bands trying to replicate the classic sounds of the previously mentioned bands, that it has become increasingly harder to differentiate and truly appreciate the newer groups. Expertly produced and executed with self assurance, this seems to be a band that has the potential to arise above the pack. Will they be able to sustain the momentum? We don’t know, but for now just enjoy this excellent post-punk / new wave record.

Words: Nuno Santos
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