Human People – Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears


Human People – Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears (Exploding In Sound Records) 2018


Human People, an all- female New York four-piece, are undoubtedly a band to keep an eye on: combining the laid-back atmosphere of ‘90s indie rock with the emotional strength of punk rock, their debut offers a wonderful, delicious collection of catchy, unforgettable and powerful songs.

The lyrics deal with themes of anxiety, isolation and loneliness, but the truth is that each of these songs leave us feeling good, and maybe that`s what makes them so great – the ability to heal emotional wounds. In a way, the name of the band defines who they are- human beings with problems like everyone else and who decided to express those feelings through art.

This is an impressive, sweet and absolutely fantastic debut album full of simple yet memorable tunes; highly recommendable for fans of Sleater- Kinney and The Breeders, and pretty much anyone who enjoys deeply honest alternative music.

Words: Jorge Alves
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