Idre – Unforgivin Landscapes


Idre - Unforgivin Landscapes (Wolves And Vibrancy) 2017


Oklahoma City-based trio Idre have returned with their second album. Unforgiving Landscapes is in a way everything we could have hoped for. The production this time is not holding them back and more importantly the band went extremely deep into crafting a sonic world that keeps becoming more singular at each artistic manifestation. Idre’s music burns extremely slow, even for a doom-based band, mostly due to their organic sound that feeds from a very natural and seemingly way from ambient music, gothic, Americana folk, and western scores. It’s hardly digestible, it doesn’t set the most uplifting or even pleasing atmosphere, but it absolutely thrives in sucking in whoever is listening to it and in creating a strong emotional connection. Astonishing!

Words: Tiago Moreira
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