Into It. Over It. – Standards


Into It. Over It. - Standards (Triple Crown Records) 2016


Into It. Over It. is a solo project that burns like a fire on a hilltop surrounded by people that embrace the heat. It is the baby of Chicago musician Evan Thomas Weiss, an emo revivalist. And he is considered a legend in the scene, and his new record Standards backs that statement. It’s truly beautiful, bursting with pride and lyrical wonderment. It also dodges those dreaded clichés and those hyperbolic, love sick, traits. He is one for pushing his guitar to the forefront too, playing it with tenderness and urgency, proving that he is at ease with the strings. Songs such as “Your Lasting Image” and “Bible Black” showcase an atmospheric pulsation, a great instrumental formula.

Words by Mark McConville
For Fans Of: Koji, You Blew It!, Mineral
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