Introducing: BOYTOY + Q&A

BOYTOY are a cool Brooklyn-base band – consisting of the trio Saara, Glenn, and Matt – and together they make pretty catchy and fun rock and roll. Having just released their debut album, Grackle, we caught up with Glenn to know a bit more about their band and their first full-length.

How did it all start with BOYTOY?
Well, Saara and I met when we were playing in other bands. Then those bands broke up, we starting jamming, wrote an EP, then when our first drummer decided to move back to Seattle to be closer to his family, Matt started playing with us. Together we wrote more songs and now we’re here!

How did the name BOYTOY come about?
In one of those band name brainstorm sessions, and Saara kept it in her rolodex. When we started working on a new project the name was already in the bag.

How much of the Brooklyn music scene has influenced you as musicians and bandmates?
It’s nice to come from an interwoven scene where you can go to shows and see your friends play. It’s fun to hang out with buds that are doing the same thing and talk about records and recording and share contacts and then there’s always the option for collaboration. Shout outs to all our bk homies!

While starting the band, what were/are the bands that helped you shape your sound?
We didn’t start saying like, “Let’s make a this or that kind of band.” I think any influence is more subconscious. We all listen to a little bit of everything and that’s definitely gonna seep into whatever music you make. We’re collectively drawn to psychy guitar rock that spans from the Grateful Dead and Brian Jonestown massacre and the Beatles and the Stones and the Kinks and the Zombies and Nirvana and on and on and on…

You guys have just released your debut album, Grackle. How was the whole making process of this first full-length? How was the experience?
We spent about 10 days in Philly at Fancy Time Studios with Al Creedon. We recorded drums first in a weekend, then spent some time overdubbing all the guitars and vocals. We usually record all live in the room then overdub vocals, but this made more sense for the time we had available. The studio is always a vortex, but we recorded it back in February so it was perfect to disappear into a cave for a little bit.

Saara said that this record is a full-on collaboration. What did the writing of this album differ from the writing of your self-titled EP?
Well, the first EP came about just from Saara and I. And some of those songs had been sitting around for a while. Grackle has nugs from each of us individually and then some jams we all flushed out together.

Where did you draw your inspiration from while writing this album?
Classic rock n’ roll. We wanted something dancey, upbeat and fun. Unrequited love, bad feelings, falling out of love, bar etiquette, owing someone money. You know, fun happy upbeat songs about all those things.

Titling the album Grackle has an awesome meaning for you guys. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
We were all sitting around in Austin, Texas and there were all these black birds flying around that we had been noticing. We found out they were called Grackles and we all looked at each other like, “That’s a cool name.” Then some further research overturned some light on the origin of the name which is rooted in Mexican folklore. The Grackle didn’t have a song so he stole it from the sea turtle.

What’s your favorite song off the record to play live and why?
“Your Girl” and “Owe Somebody”. They’re both vibey and you can get lost in them.

What’s next for BOYTOY?
Well, we’re currently on the road. We’ve been out for about 2 weeks and we have 5 more to go. We’re planning on skipping the NY winter and going to California to play shows for January and February and probably keep writing for the next thing. We’ll tour back from California via Austin for SXSW then next fall there is talk about crossing the pond for a European tour. There might be some recording time wedged in there at some point, but nothing is planned yet.

What do you guys love to do together besides music?
Saara and I surf together which is always fun. In Jacksonville recently we all went on a nice long bike ride. We like to take long road trips together apparently.

Words by Andreia Alves // PIcture by David Burclau
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