Introducing: Dot Legacy + Q&A

Creating an album that goes deep into retro rock and blends Beastie Boys’ esque with At The Drive In’s powerful energy is quite something. In order to get to know more about their ace new album, To The Others, we caught up with Parisian based quartet innovators Dot Legacy, here’s the result…

2016 is almost over, so my cliché question is: How was this year for Dot Legacy?
2016 was the best year so far for Dot Legacy! We finished our second album, we had one super tour Valley of the Sun and are right now touring with Truckfighters. Finally we got so much support from our fans and that really kept us going hard!

I need to ask this, why the title To The Others?
The concept of the album is directly inspired from the voyager and pioneer probes that were sent in the 70’s. They both carried schematics, data, and music describing what mankind is. In a way, To The Others is a tribute to exploration and it’s a way for us to send musical probes to the world saying: “hey! This is who we are, and this is what we represent!”

Musical and lyrical wise, what did mainly inspire you guys while writing this new effort?
Damn… Really hard to say! I think, EVERYTHING! We all listen to so many different things and what inspired us was the common goal of borderless exploration.

What are the biggest differences between To The Others and your debut self-titled effort?
The first album was more of a complete demonstration of what we could do. We wanted for the second one to have clearer messages for the public. Mainly it’s an album that was composed on tour. So all of the tracks are live ready and built to make you groove.

I know that you guys wrote the album while on the road. What’s the typical songwriting process for Dot Legacy?
Usually, one of us wakes up in the middle of the night, rushes to his phone and records with a shitty voice the idea, the melody. The next day we all listen to it and decide if it has potential. Most of the time we just laugh and say how bad we sound when we just wake up!

Beastie Boys or At The Drive In?
At the drivie boys.

What was the Best of 2016 for you guys?
So many special moments that it is hard to decide. I would say that the culmination of our great year would be the tour with tf that we are doing right now. What a blast. Awesome venues, awesome bands, what else? (nespresso music in the back)

And the Worst of 2016?
Losing the euro 2016 to Portugal.. What a tragedy! Apart from that, we also got evicted by the French Army from our rehearsal space (we had been rehearsing in a military airbase for the past year and some of the military personnel didn’t know that we where. So when they found out, it was pretty intense..)

What have you guys been listening to lately? Feel free to pick your favorite albums of 2016, if you want to.
We think the biggest discovery of last year comes from Brazil, it’s the band Far From Alaska. We hope to share the stage with them when we will go back to South America. Special point for Radiohead’s last album, because they always create something different by keeping their proper musical universe. A bit like All Them Witches too.
But we think that the best surprise of 2016 comes from a little french band, releasing their second album full of energy and sparkles.

What do you guys expect of 2017?
We will probably tour South America again; Europe too, and hopefully achieve COMPLETE AND TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Oh, and also, start the composition of the third album.

Words by Fausto Casais // To The Others is out now via Setalight Records.
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