Introducing: Karen Meat

WHERE? Des Moines (USA) WHO? Arin Eaton, Brad Turk, John Huffman, Phil Young
RELEASE: On The Couch EP
FILE UNDER: Frankie Cosmos, Colleen Green, Courtney Barnett

Imagine you’re heading to high school with your uncool style and your headphones on, and then suddenly the boy/girl of your dreams passes by you and you get butterflies in your stomach. Such a typical scene, right? Well, if Karen Meat music was a film, it would probably be about adolescent exhilaration.

Even though they are past their teen years, the Des Moines, Iowa-based band have this carefree and daydream approach in a mix of bubblegum lo-fi, rock and electronics. It all started with Arin Eaton as a solo project, but then she was joined by Brad Turk, John Huffman, and Phil Young. They released their 2015’s debut EP, Karen Meat & The Computer, and now they are about to release a new EP, On The Couch, out June 3rd via Sump Pump Records.

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