Introducing: Minority Threat

WHERE? Columbus (USA) WHO? Jordan Byrd, Darrell Chess, Winston Hightower, Antonio Foushee
RELEASE: Culture Control EP
FILE UNDER: Teen Idles, Black Flag, Minor Threat

Minority Threat are four dudes from Columbus that make brutal and straight–to-your-face hardcore music. They’re also are members from Colors, Northern Widows, and Yuze Boys.

The death of Michael Brown sort of got them together to start this new band. Their urgency to speak out about situations like racism and social issues led them to create such strong and important statement in all their songs.

Last year, the group released their debut EP Culture Control via Head2Wall Records. On Culture Control, the band examines a post-Ferguson world in just seven minutes of infectious and fast songs.

It’s quite intense and refreshing to see their political view which is really important nowadays.

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