Introducing: Neaux

WHERE? New Jersey (USA) WHO? Sierra Kay, Nick Fit, Ryan Briggs, Chris Peters
RELEASE: Feel Off The Deep End (Out now via Iron Pier)
FILE UNDER: PJ Harvey, Slowdive, Sonic Youth

Brooklyn-based outfit Neaux is the new project of Sierra Kay of VersaEmerge and Nick Fit of Trash Talk.

Somewhere between Slowdive and Sonic Youth, their palette of sounds is crazily rich and expansive, that goes from dream to synth pop, from hardcore to shoegaze. Feel Off The Deep End is dreamy and nostalgic, heavy and fuzzy, delicate and at times uplifting, and Sierra Kay expressive voice is charming and daring, bringing some light and depth into their emotional bleak and slacker approach.

Neaux is a new band, they even say that they are “old friends making new noise”, but even if they all came from different backgrounds and paths, everything sounds organic, raw and perfectly well-crafted.

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