Introducing: Ocean Grove

WHERE? Melbourne (Australia) WHO? Luke Holmes, Jimmy Hall, Matthew Henley, Dale Tanner, Sam Bassal, Matthew Kopp
RELEASE: Black Label (Sublime Vol.) EP (Out now on UNFD)
FILE UNDER: Limp Bizkit, Hellions, Stray From The Path

The sound of explosive youthful talent and the right amount of 90’s nu-metal nostalgia affair. Ocean Grove are not just another band, they are a collective, a powerful art form and for sure one of the most refreshing acts around.

From Melbourne, Australia, Ocean Grove is the perfect prototype of what the modern rock sounds like, they operate on their own terms, they’re not afraid to experiment, flashback the best of 90’s nu-metal, they’re completely comfortable being called weirdos and for them creating art is limitless and with no such thing as boundaries.

Innovators and full of creative freedom, Ocean Grove have signed this year with UNFD – once again proving that they’re changing the basic rules of how to be a label nowadays – released their new EP, Black Label (Sublime Vol).

By the way, they also released The Rhapsody Manifesto, which means something like this: “Seek the ANTITHESIS. In any art form we engage with, there is a need for inventive thinking that goes against uninspired standards.” Excited? You should be.

Photo Credit: Thomas Elliott
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