Introducing: Supermoon

WHERE? Vancouver (CANADA) WHO? Selina Crammond, Katie Gravestock, Alie Lynch, Adrienne LaBelle
RELEASE: Playland LP
FILE UNDER: La Luz, Habibi, Tacocat

Supermoon are a four piece from Vancouver with members of two former bands, Movieland and Pups. As expected they bring to this new band a much more cohesive and compelling approach.

The band consists on multi-instrumentalists Adrienne LaBelle and Alie Lynch, guitarist Katie Gravestock and drummer Selina Crammond. Together they make what they describe as moody pop, but we can also add that their music is catchy, sunny and sometimes dark. Each of the members trade off on vocalist and songwriting duties as well.

Playland is their new album and just combines all those elements with an impressive guitar work and fantastic group’s dynamic. It was recorded with Tom Prilesky and mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Sound in Vancouver.

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