Introducing: The Goon Sax

WHERE? Brisbane (AUSTRALIA) WHO? James Harrison, Louis Forster, Riley Jones
RELEASE: Up To Anything LP
FILE UNDER: Twerps, The Velvet Underground, Hinds

The Goon Sax are three teenagers from Brisbane, Australia. They formed this band at high school in 2013, when James Harrison and Louis Forster began working on song ideas in James’ bedroom. Later on, Riley Jones joined the band after taking a month of drum lessons.

Sharing a passion for acts like the Pastels, Talking Heads, Galaxie 500 and Bob Dylan, the trio’s approach is refreshing and it feels like they’re not attached to any kind of trend or genre. They just play pop music inspired by what’s going in their lives, whether is heartbreaking anxieties or even the difficulties of growing up, resulting on delightful and addictive tunes.

Last March they put out their debut album, Up To Anything, and it’s quite a charm.

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