Islander – Power Under Control


Islander - Power Under Control (Victory Records) 2016


Perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned with Islander’s sophomore album isn’t how incredible genuine and good these 12 songs are – it would be preposterous denying it – but rather the undeniable high focus and true sense of mission from Mikey Carvajal, vocalist/lyricist and the only member who remained in the band after ¾ of its lineup changed. Power Under Control makes it sound effortless in the way it surpasses the level of songwriting that was displayed in the band’s debut, 2014’s Violence & Destruction, and with a panoply of musical approaches they’ve delivered a concept album that isn’t conditioned by its own nature – the value of the single unit is high. A band and record to connect with, and beware, because Carvajal hasn’t peaked creatively.

Words by Tiago Moreira
For Fans Of: P.O.D., Deftones, Glassjaw
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