Jade Jackson shares new single and video, “6FT Changes”

California singer-songwriter Jade Jackson has shared “6FT Changes” today, a new song detailing the adjustments that have been made to daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Six feet changes the way it was / Handshakes and hugs in a crowded space / Dancing with strangers and holding up beers / Tapping on shoulders and whispering in ears / Was taken for granted all these years,” Jackson croons in the song’s timely lyrics.

One night in 2020 Jackson had a dream about playing a show, sweaty and crowded, where no one needed to sanitise their hands. She posted about the dream on social media and got a great response from fans who were looking forward to returning to shows as well. “Reading through the comments I felt the oh-so familiar nudge that a song was on its way,” Jackson explained. “Later that evening staring up at the ceiling, the song – starting as a faint echo of my subconscious mind – grew louder until I quietly slipped out of bed and found myself in the dark of my living room holding my guitar. As soon as it was written I knew I wanted to share it with those who’d helped inspire it. Theaters sitting somewhere in the dark, tour vans parked, and people like me who see live music to escape, connect and be, I wrote this for you.

Directed by Sean Stout, Jackson recently filmed a performance of the song at the empty Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, her hometown. Listen to “6FT Changes” and watch the video for it below:

Photo credit: Sean Stout
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