Joni Void + N NAO share new track “Je Vois / Non-Dit”

Constellation Records have shared the eighth entry in their Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series. “Je Vois / Non-Dit” by Montreal based avant-electronic artist Joni Void and featuring vocals by poet/singer and frequent collaborator N NAO, with an experimental film by Sonya Stefan. As with the entire series, this is a bandcamp/vimeo exclusive and 100% of proceeds shall go to the artist.

My first proper collaboration with N NAO (Naomie de Lorimier) was at the end of 2017, when an extensive voice recording session in my apartment led to the song “Non-Dit” which appears on Mise En Abyme. In September 2018, I ended up with an a cappella soundboard recording of Naomie’s set from one of my Everyday Ago events – which I used as a starting point, cutting four distinct loops of her “Je Vois” lyrics and running them through a series of effects. The resulting ‘micro-remix’ would serve as the opening music for almost all my solo performances over the next two years. We came full circle during the two live performances featured in this single, when we had the chance to perform “Je Vois” and “Non-Dit” together.

Sonya Stefan’s visuals consist of rehearsal recordings shot at the microcinéma La Lumière Collective for our 2019 MUTEK multi-media performance. The video combines our respective visual techniques and practices, consisting mostly of a 16mm projector light shining through water, glass, and color gels that is captured and replayed on a video-line. This creates a literal ‘mise-en-abyme’ through feedback.” – Joni Void

Listen to & watch “Je Vois / Non-Dit” below:


These longform singles will drop weekly in Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021 and will be PWYC (no minimum) during the first 48 hours of release. Each artist’s Constellation digital discography will also be specially-priced on Bandcamp during the week of their single releases. The label simply wishes to enable and encourage ongoing discovery, means-based value, and low-carbon-impact support for active artists in their immediate label community – particularly during these trying times, and in lieu of their usual album-oriented release schedule which resumes in Spring 2021.

Autumn 2020 release schedule
01 Oct Markus Floats
08 Oct Efrim Manuel Menuck
15 Oct Jessica Moss
22 Oct Jason Sharp
29 Oct T. Gowdy
05 Nov Fly Pan Am
19 Nov Joni Void + N NAO

Winter 2021 release schedule
(track order subject to change)
15 Jan T. Griffin
22 Jan Eric Chenaux
29 Jan Deadbeat & Martin Bakero
05 Feb Automatisme
12 Feb Light Conductor
19 Feb Off World
26 Feb Sam Shalabi
05 Mar Jerusalem In My Heart

Photo credit: Thomas Boucher & Sonya Stefan
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