Kee Avil shares new song & video “See, my shadow”

Constellation is honoured to welcome Montréal producer Kee Avil to the label and she’s celebrating by sharing a song and video today titled “See, my shadow“. Details of her first full-length album to follow in early 2022.

About the song: “A shadow’s moment, distorted. Warped piano samples, chipped ceramic cups, swirling metal, feedback assembled. I used to think this was a love song. Constructed from a demo, never finished, originally recorded for the Kee Avil EP. See, my shadow is one of my most produced songs – a large part of the work was to strip it down and find the right balance between chaos and density vs stability and drive. It will be the first song on a new album. Writing this I find myself trying to find a reason why I would ‘stand here blind, deaf and mute’ – ultimately the words are there for their rhythm, imagery and texture. The text for the ending was written in one moment, intense but fleeting, later adapted. The meaning of the song changes all the time – fittingly, it’s as though this moment has been passed on to my shadow.

About the video: “To reveal what I’ve hid, what is recognised, ignored, what is real. Blank, misdrawn, rebuilt, the creature as the i. With masks, I break and reconstruct these ideas, mix the familiar with the abstract.

– Kee Avil –

Listen to “See, my shadow” and watch the video for it below:

Photo credit: Lawrence Fafard
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