Kee Avil shares two new tracks, “And I” & “Devil’s Sweet Tooth” plus a video

Montréal guitarist and producer Kee Avil has shared two new tracks, “And I” and “Devil’s Sweet Tooth“, plus a video by Myriam Bleau. Both tracks are taken from her debut album Crease, out on March 11th via Constellation.

“And I” closes Side One of Crease by stripping materials down to only acoustic guitars and voice, revealing the elemental command of freak-folk and avant-blues idioms that lurk as such a strength embedded in the depths of Kee Avil’s more experimental, complex, maximalist songwriting. “Solitary it carries forward, the weight, the flickering, the offering.” – Kee Avil

Listen to “And I” below:

Second single, “Devil’s Sweet Tooth” is the album’s most overtly plunderphonic sonic collage, a pointillistic musique concrète landscape of wheezing harmonica, taut trebly strings, alien signals and scrapes, and industrial machine noise. Featuring cello from Mark Molnar (who also released the first Kee Avil EP on his Black Bough Records imprint. “A pitch black room, a web dangling from the ceiling, slowly wrapping as a cocoon forms, soft warmth, I’m ready. Visualised by Myriam Bleau a floating web into a half-formed cocoon, growing.” – Kee Avil

Listen to “Devil’s Sweet Tooth” and watch the video for it below:

Photo credit: Lawrence Fafard | Mask by Ariane Paradis
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