Kidbug (Eerie Wanda, Dumb Numbers, Best Coast and Swans) announce debut album, hear two new tracks “Lovesick” & “Good Inside”

Kidbug, featuring Marina Tadic (Eerie Wanda), Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers), Bobb Bruno (Best Coast) and Thor Harris (Swans), release their self-titled debut album on May 22 via Joyful Noise Recordings.

The band has described the writing partnership of Tadic and Harding as “a series of long distance, musical love letters” having been inspired by “the honesty and purity of John and Yoko singing love songs to each other.”

Watch below Kidbug’s first video for the song “Good Inside” – Tadic said the song is “the most honest love song I’ve ever written because it’s for Adam, the love of my life.”

The band has also offered music lovers a second glimpse into the self-described “cuddlebug sludge” album, with a stream of “Lovesick”.

This album is a celebration of love. All of my songs with Dumb Numbers have been about endings, but Kidbug is about beginnings,” Harding shared. “We hope to bring love into the world with this album,” adds Tadic. “We dig love.

Kidbug track listing and artwork:

1. Now Let’s Go To Sleep
2. Lovesick
3. Good Inside
4. Moonglue
5. Never
6. Woozy
7. Theme from Kidbug
8. Together
9. Stay
10. Yesterdays
11. Dreamy (feat. Dale Crover)

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