King Dude – Sex


King Dude - Sex (Ván) 2016


King Dude returns with his latest spiritual meditation or invocation, entitled Sex. Brutally honest and refreshingly detailed, Sex is dark humored, undeniable sexy and the perfect “whiskey soaked joyride”. TJ Cowgill is again not applying genres to his music, we can say that his music is neo-folk, country, punk, metal or rock n’ roll, but they all seem to be in constant conflict and apart from each other, which makes everything even more interesting, the whole bullshit of labeling an artist is always an exercise of pure laziness. Elegantly build, TJ Cowgill works best when he sticks to his own style and guts, exploring society’s constriction of our minds and personalities through this simplistic way of story-detailing life, thoughts and whatever. Straight forward and real, this is just another King Dude’s artistic manifestation or statement.

Words by Fausto Casais
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