King Garbage announce new album & unveil new single + video “Busy On A Saturday Night”

King Garbage have unveiled a new single and a Josh Finck directed video, “Busy On A Saturday Night.” The song is the latest song to be unveiled from their forthcoming album, Heavy Metal Greasy Love, which will be released on April 1st via Ipecac Recordings.

“Busy On A Saturday Night” draws its inspiration from a magnet on that was on the fridge of King Garbage’s Vic Dimotsis‘ great grandmother. “It had a sweaty male stripper pictured on it and said, ‘Everything I want is either taken, or busy on a Saturday night,’” laughs Vic. He adds, “Blurry as a memory on a slinky night out. A Tom Waits-inspired roadster awaits high high heels on a sure fire adventure. Losing articles of clothing to the magnet of the pavement, the band plays on through a duct from another world, and our eyes blur from both lust and disgust. Such motion seems still, as the accelerator and brakes lose meaning. A quiet lonely brunch awakens us from a distant stare.

Listen to “Busy On A Saturday Night” and watch the video below:

This year they serve up their second full-length and Ipecac debut, Heavy Metal Greasy Love. “It’s a taste of retro without being a reproduction,” observes Vic. “Love and life are very sweet, bitter, and heavy. You’re going to need big tires and a dense frame to cross the desert life can give you. The name felt right. The music is crispy, searing, spacious, sandy, and welded with perfect dimes at the seams. If you read anything about history, you can fall in love with its brutality. Nature is the most metal, always at war with itself and never asking ‘Why?’ when change comes. I believe if you live long enough, the crushing weight and terrible beauty begin to hold hands, and an appreciation is reached, or at least an understanding. This was the best way to describe the album as well as what we see in the world. Love, nature, past, present, and future.

Heavy Metal Greasy Love artwork & tracklist:

1. Checkmate
2. Let Em Talk
3. I Miss Mistakes
4. Snow
5. Busy On A Saturday Night
6. Monster Truck
7. Never Die
8. Piper
9. Peanut Butter Kisses

Photo credit: Josh Finck
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