King Garbage release new single “Monster Truck”

Contemporary American soul band King Garbage have released “Monster Truck,” the latest single to be lifted from the band’s new album Heavy Metal Greasy Love. The album will be released on April 1st via Ipecac Recordings.

Bass-y piano revs up “Monster Truck,” which the band’s Zach Cooper calls “somewhere between musical theater and classic rock.Vic Dimotsis notes: “This song is less ‘sea salt’ and more ‘salt of the earth’. It makes more sense 100 miles outside of any major city and may be one of the few songs ever written to use ‘truck nuts’ in the chorus.

Vic adds: “Truck Nuts glisten off the back bumper, swinging low with challenging and poetic weight. In the American South, a truck is not just a truck, but an idea. Curiosity shakes its leathery wings in this Joel Seger Springsteen high test musical theater redline onesie, with stars down the sleeves, blow your tailfeathers off type alpha Stevie Nicks with no intent on ever returning from said pyrotechnics.

Listen to “Monster Truck” below:

Photo credit: Josh Finck
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