Kissing Is A Crime Share New Video For “Noise At Night”

Brooklyn-based band Kissing Is A Crime has just shared a new video for their single “Noise At Night“, track taken from the band’s self-titled full-length out now via Don Giovanni Records.

The new video features styling and a cameo from Sunflower Bean’s Julia Cumming and was directed by Assal Ghawami who shared, “I get to try out absurd ideas and we get to laugh a lot on set. For this one, we tried to recreate the eye-cutting scene from Un Chien Andalou, for which we scalpelled a half pound of grapes.”

Watch below the David Lynch and Luis Buñuel-inspired piece.

Setting their roots in punk, Kissing is a Crime’s self-titled debut album was a sunny, dreamy and moody guitar pop driven gem… An album that sounded utterly sublime and cerebral, but it’s the punk simplicity and urgency of the band’s confrontational spectrum of emotions that gently stands out in this unique, multi-faced triumphant delivery.

Photo credit: Andy DeLuca
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