Lande Hekt of Muncie Girls Picks Her Favourite Records Of The Year

We invited artists, labels and publicists to tell us which records or artists they’ve personally enjoyed over the last twelve months, Lande Hekt‘s picks below. Muncie Girls‘ debut album, From Caplan to Belsize, is scheduled to be released on March 4th of 2016 via Specialist Subject.


Woahnows – Understanding and Everything Else (Big Scary Monsters)
Woahnows are actually everyone’s favourite band. This is their first full-length and it’s unbelievably good. I’m not sure where they find the time to release so much decent music and tour loads but I’m glad that they do! I think Puncher’s my favourite song.


Screaming Females – Rose Mountain (Don Giovanni)
I gave Rose Mountain to my sister for her birthday but I really wanted it for myself. I’m still sad about that. I think my favourite song is Hopeless but the whole record is pretty perfect.


Great Cynics – I Feel Weird (Specialist Subject)
I Feel Weird is by far the Greatest Cynics record. It’s way more urgent and paranoid and catchy and musically diverse. They recorded most of the music live and I think it’s given it a totally groovy vibe. Listen to, well all of it, but From the Creators of Love Actually, Chunky and I Know Nothing.


The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World (Rough Trade)
I wasn’t sure if I liked this record when I first heard it. We only had a few albums on a Spotify playlist when we were driving through Italy on the last tour so I had no option but to persist with it and now I’m glad that I did. My favourite song is Make You Better, not just because Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is in the music video, but it’s a total banger.”


Hop Along – Painted Shut (Saddle Creek)
This is such an exciting record. Literally everyone who’s heard it loves it! Right from the first song, it’s just jam after rhythmically interesting jam.”

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Sheer Mag – II EP (Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works)
Sheer Mag are like a 1970s classic rock, garage soul band. This is an EP not an album, but it simply can’t not make it onto the list. I really love this record and the artwork is just incredible.”


Bangers – Bird (Special Subject)
Totally love this new Bangers album! The lyrics are poetic and flow really well and there’s some interesting modulation which I think for them is quite a natural progression. I think I like Mannequin the best. “I was half way home on my hands and knees when the devil came to me.” Plus the riff in I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again plays in my head sometimes when I don’t want it to.”


Laura Stevenson – Cocksure (Don Giovanni)
I don’t understand how Laura Stevenson’s albums keep getting better! I thought the last one, Wheel had to be the crest of the discographic wave but apparently not. After you fall in love with the record, you should listen to the commentary version on Spotify.


Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool (Dirty Hit)
I always love it when Dean puts this record on in the van. It’s the best music for driving. The video for Bros makes me really, really happy.


Royal Headache – High (What’s Your Rupture?)
My friend had High on repeat every day for like a month so there was no chance I wasn’t gonna fall in love with it. The songs are so simple and straight up. My favourite song is Need You.”

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