Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears


Let's Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears (Transgressive Records) 2018


I’m All Ears is a portrait of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth’s lives over the past two years, but also a gloriously unique and unsettling provocative blend of experimental sludge pop, psych rock and innovating songwriting.

Stepping out of the shadows suits them perfectly well, from romantic relationships, mental health, new friendships and the perks of technology, these childhood friends who grew up writing songs together have also matured their songwriting, their lyrical approach and they’re not afraid to show their incredible confidence through the album. I’m All Ears is an accomplished effort from two young musicians, an album about self-discovery and personal relationships, that also tackles themes like consumerism, feminism and gender diversity.

Produced by David Wrench (The xx/Frank Ocean/Caribou), SOPHIE (Madonna, Charli XCX and Vince Staples) and Faris Badwan (The Horrors), I’m All Ears is irrefutably infectious and fascinatingly complex, but it’s the album’s overall consistency and the duo’s furious pop dreamy ambience that somehow brings some refreshing incongruence to a genre that seems populated with tedious acts.

Words: Fausto Casais
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