Lisa Papineau – Oh Dead On Oh Love

Lisa Papineau - Oh Dead On Oh Love (Team Player) 2019


Oh Dead On Oh Love feels nature driven but sophisticated. Lyrically superb with bedroom vocals lending it a confession feel, the album flows between songs harmoniously.

In its wonderful cohesiveness some songs do stand out: “Oh Dead on Oh Love”, “Beautiful”, “Little Hell”, “Endless Story” are introspective gems with just enough abstractiveness to allow for individual interpretations and personal connections.

This album leaves an immediate impression, as does any music revealing the truth about human nature and it’s vulnerability and resilience. Jack Kerouac once said “I want to work in revelations (…) I want to fish deep down” and that seems to be a common purpose of great artists. Lisa too goes deep. She says of the album: “these songs (in melody, words and performance) express how loss, the tenderness of failure, suffering can give birth to a kind of courage in compassion. The bravery that is a broken, open heart.

Oh Dead On Oh Love displays that. Reality at it’s most magical form: amazingly done through carefully orchestrated poetry and music.

Words: Gigi Moniz
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