Listen to Daufødt’s powerful new single “Et eller annet radikalt”

Today, Daufødt share the visuals for their brand new single “Et eller annet radikalt“, out now on Fysisk Format.

Daufødt’s comment on the track: “Et eller annet radikalt” is about people who are stuck in a certain mindset or too comfortable with their lives to question authority. These sort of people give room for radicalists, both religious and political.”

Watch below the video for Daufødt’s powerful new single “Et eller annet radikalt”, visuals created by the band’s singer/visual artist Annika.

This new single was mixed by Kim Lillestøl (Honningbarna, Kvelertak, DumDum Boys) at Amper Tone and mastered by Ruben Willem (Haust).

Photo credit: Johan Hansson Liljeberg
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