Listen To Guerrilla Ghost Single Remix Album Of The Track “Everybody Rap”

Milwaukee’s Guerrilla Ghost is preparing a bold new offering for fans of socially conscious, genre-defying hip-hop: Perpetually Sad Motion Machine, slated to drop on November 23rd, 2018.

The band describes their upcoming album as “nine tracks of brooding electronics and emotional catharsis.” With appearances by Carnage the Executioner, Lorde Fredd33 (New Age Narcissism), members of Fox Face (Dirtnap Records), and artwork by Child Bite’s Shawn Knight.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of a single remix album of the track “Everybody Rap,” featuring remixes by eight producers including Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu) and Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea / Corrections House / Mirrors for Psychic Warfare).

The duo said the following about their single remix album: “It’s been very hard keeping this under wraps, but we’ve been hard at work organizing our friends and heroes to produce reimagined versions of “Everybody Rap”, the first single off the new GGHOST album. As a producer myself, curating a remix project like this is something I’ve always dreamt of doing. It’s extremely humbling to have producers I’ve admired for years remixing original works. I was pretty obsessed with Jesu for a while, and I’ve followed Sanford Parker’s career since reading an interview with him in Tape-op; having both those producers on this record is huge for me, personally. Also, the ability to bring in producers who work in a variety of genres created a really interesting and diverse sounding project. From trap, to industrial, to chiptune, to something… I don’t know how to describe the Ertrök remix – maybe “Carribbean” sounding? The production styles are all over the place. In a way, it exemplifies our aesthetic since we pull influence from such disparate genres as hip-hop, UK Grime, industrial, metal and even grindcore to some degree.”

Pre-orders of Perpetually Sad Motion Machine will begin on August 25th, leading up to the Black Friday/Record Store Day release date.

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