Listen To NONN’s Minimalist New Single “Believe”

Stockholm post-punk outfit NONN are going to release their sophomore album, XVII, on December 7th on Fuzz Club. Today, we’re more than pleased to bring you the premiere of the band’s new single “Believe“.

Back in May last year Christian Eldefors released his debut album as NONN, “a stark collection of minimalistic post-punk that marked him as one of the most exciting outputs in the dark Scandinavian scene”. After touring the record across Europe and recruiting a full band – with Hannes Nyling and Christian’s brother Alexander joining the fold – the project is back with its second album, XVII, pre-order the album here.

Listen below to “Believe”, NONN’s minimalist and haunting new single, where darkwave and post-punk blends with this almost mechanical post-industrial finesse.

This shift in the band’s sound all boils down to having to reinvent the songs when taking them on the road following the release of their debut, which saw them tour the UK and mainland Europe and play at a number of festivals; from Liverpool Psych Fest and Fuzz Club Eindhoven to, more recently, Endless Daze in South Africa. “Since the last record we’ve been doing a lot of shows which gave us a lot of inspiration. We reworked the old songs to sound a bit fuller and more fun to play live. Having to reinvent all the sounds and instruments from the first album really inspired the direction on XVII,” Christian remarks.

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